Saturday, May 14, 2011

satu lagi kisah yg same

hye e-diary...
i called e-diary coz its like my diary(in virtual term) 
place i share my feel,n my thought

tonight actually i must sleep early,bcoz tmorow morning will b my 1st clas (intersession)
kind of nerve, am attending someone else clas,,,,how are their perception towards me???
then, i would think +ve...i'll try...hihihihihihihi

dear diary, 
evrytime watching people get along their mate, am so jealous, coz i neva felt that way,
its always crosss on my mind that he neva love me as i am...always
but my strenght keep saying...neva minf pia...he love u...
but how long this situation will continue???until when???
ah.....i dont want to think it anymore...not a word... tmorow i will not rmind that..
just keep going on happy life...and if there stated on faith,we would be together,if not, neva ever dream to have its...

dear diary,
tmorow is my new life, so hope evrythng will absolutely ok....!!!!

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